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November 14th, 2015

The Greatest One Day Convention Around!

Kutztown Middle School, 10 Deisher Lane, Kutztown, PA 19530

This Year's Convention is dedicated in loving memory to our friend, colleague and mentor, Mr. Dwight R. Powell - You will be missed!

 Previous Performers at the Kutztown Magic Convention

The members of Ring 57 and Assembly 92 have taken great pride in bringing the very best performers in the world to Kutztown to share their knowledge with all of us and to entertain. We have literally had the opportunity to see the very best in action. Here are many of the performers from the last eight years (virtually a who's who in the magic world). We have had great conventions with these performers and will continue to strive to bring the very best in the world to you.




Daryl was our featured headliner in 2007 where he shared his philosophy of magic, lectured, performed in the close-up show and the evening gala show. 

Daryl - Kutztown Magic Convention

Gregory Wilson: 

Gregory has been a featured performer twice at our Convention. First in 2006 and then again in 2011. Both times he entertained both magicians and lay audiences alike with his unique brand of magic.



Tomsoni and Company: 

Johnny and Pam helped headline our 2010 Convention. As can be expected they put on quite a show and were simply a joy to be with as we experienced one of the real "legends" of magic.


 Kevin James:

Kevin was with us at both our 2010 and 2014 conventions and what a show.  He did his full illusion show and received a well-deserved thunderous round of applause from both magicians and lay audience alike.


David Williamson:

David Williamson brought his unique brand of zany magic to our 2009 convention. His routine with the young volunteer he had on the stage will be remembered for quite awhile.



 Jeff Hobson:

Jeff was part of our 2008 convention and truthfully I never saw so many people laugh so hard in their life as Jeff perfomed in his own special way.


Jeff Hobson - Kutztown Magic Convention



 Michael Finney:

Michael helped headline our 2008 convention and then returned in both 2012 and 2014 to emcee our grand evening gala show. Again, a true master of comedy.




 Joshua Jay:

What can we say about Joshua that hasn't been said before.  He was a dealer at our 2008 convention and then helped headline our 2011 convention.






 Whit "Pop" Haydn

Whit helped headline our 2012 convention as he dazzled in our close-up show, lectured and then performed in the grand evening gala show.


  Whit Haydn - Kutztown Magic Convention 



 Richard Osterlind:

Richard also helped headline our 2012 convention bringing some of his "mind-mysteries" to an appreciative audience. He also made a few ladies jaws drop as their spoons bent at a local restaurant.

  Richard Osterlind 

Juliana Chen:

 Julia was part of our 2012 convention giving a lecture and then absolutely dazzling the crowd with her colorful and skilled performance in the evening show.



Rocco appeared at our 2008 convention doing close-up, at the 2009 Convention where he did close-up and performed on stage and in 2010 was presented with a plaque of appreciation for all he did to support us as well as his contributions to magic.


Rocco - Kutztown Magic Convention


 David Ginn:

David helped headline our 2008 convention as he lectured on children's magic and then perfomed in the grand evening show.

David Ginn


Gazzo left England to be with us as part of our 2009 convention where he lectured, performed close-up and performed in the evening show. He brought his own unique style to an appreciative audience.



 John Carney:

John was part of the 2009 convention where he gave a lecture, performed in the close-up show and then in the grand evening gala show. 

  John Carney - Kutztown Magic Convention 


 Shoot Ogawa:

Shoot brought his incredible sleight-of-hand to our 2011 convention where he lectured, performed in the close-up show and the grand evening gala show and is part of our 2015 show.

  Shoot Ogawa - Kutztown Magic Convention 


Ed Alonzo:

Ed helped headline our 2011 convention where he brought his own unique approach to magic in our grand evening gala show. 





 Jay Mattioli:

Jay was part of our 2007 Convention and he brought the audience to their feet with his entertaining and energetic performance.





Fielding West:

Fielding was part of our 2010 Convention where he lectured, performed in the close-up show and the grand evening gala show.



Fielding West - Kutztown Magic Convention



David Regal:

David was part of our 2008 Convention where he was a dealer and then performed in the close-up show. Many still talk about his "beer" trick and his unique cups and balls.

  David Regal - Kutztown Magic Convention

 Eric Jones:

Eric is another performer who has made a number of appearances at our Convention. He did close-up at the 2009 and 2010 conventions.


 Geoff Williams:

Geoff brought his zany approach to magic to our 2009 Convention where he performed in the close-up show and in the grand evening gala show.



 Dan Harlan:

Dan had performed many years ago at our convention and returned in 2012 to perform close-up and in the grand evening gala show.

  Dan Harlan - Kutztown Magic Convention 


 Kainoa Harbottle:

Kainoa has performed in the close-up show several times and has always wowed the audience with his artistry.




 Thom Peterson:

Thom "The Amazing Guy" Peterson was part of our 2012 convention as he left his home in England to be with us.  He performed in both the close-up show and the grand evening gala show.



Doc Eason:

Doc was part of our 2013 Convention, bringing his own unique personality and magic. He delighted the crowds no matter what he was doing, close-up, lecturing or Emceeing the Gala Evening Show.  



 Danny Cole and Company

 Danny helped headline our 2013 Convention. He blew the crowd away with his unique magic, quick change artistry, engaging personality and wonderful performance in the evening show.



 Bill Malone at Kutztown Convention

Bill Malone

What more can be said about Bill Malone. He was part of our 2013 convention and his close-up performance was a "must see" for all involved. He had the crowd eating out of his hand long before the performance started with his own unique comedic style.

 Mike Bent:

Mike brought his unique blend of comedy and children's magic to the stage at the 2013 Convention.                                  

Mike B



Charlie Frye and Company:

Charlie Frye and Company performed at the 2013 Kutztown Convention.  It is no exaggeration to talk about the standing ovation his incredible performance earned.

 Charlie Frye  

 Michael Ammar

 MIchael was a featured perfomer at our 2014 Convention. He was the epitome of the true professional and he had an appreciative audience.                                      

 Michael Ammar

 Piff the Magic Dragon

Piff brought his own unique brand of magic and comedy to our 2014 convention.    His zany performance had the audience appreciating the varied ways talented performers can entertain their audiences.                                       

 Sonny Fontana

Sonny Fontana:

Sonny was another of our featured 2014 Convention performers. His unique style of peforming showed magic peformance can take many forms.