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November 14th, 2015

The Greatest One Day Convention Around!

Kutztown Middle School, 10 Deisher Lane, Kutztown, PA 19530

This Year's Convention is dedicated in loving memory to our friend, colleague and mentor, Mr. Dwight R. Powell - You will be missed!

All information on this page is from the 2014 Convention. It will be updated shortly, but you may contact those individuals listed for general information.

Important Contact Information

If you have any questions about the Kutztown Magic Convention, the Gala Evening Show, the registration process, becoming a dealer, performing or any other question, you may contact the following individuals for assistance.  Thank you for your interest and all the support our convention has been given over the years by all of you.

Registrar - Our Registrar this year is Mr. Rich Gerber.  Any questions about registering for the convention can be directed to him.  In addition, your registration forms, if mailed, should be mailed to him.  To contact Rich by e-mail click here.

Silent Auction:  Questions or to submit a form please e-mail Tony Bialy by clicking here:

Dealers - We are always looking for a wide variety of dealers, particularly some who specialize in unique magic.  If you are interested in being a dealer at the Kutztown Convention you may e-mail Ryan Parsons by clicking here.

Flea Market Tables:  If interested in renting a Flea Market Table please contact Ryan Parsons by clicking here:

Performers - If you are interested in performing at the Kutztown Magic Convention, please contact Todd Kent via e-mail by clicking here:

General Questions - While any of our commitee members would be happy to answer any general questions you might have, you may also contact Rev. Michael Reist, the former registrar for general questions, but please direct specific questions concerning registration, being a dealer or a perfomer to the above named individuals.  To contact Rev. Reist click here: